Teralign Principals & Mission

Drone Devices for the DJI Phantom Series Drones

Engineered Excellence

Founder and CEO Doug Leppard brings his extensive knowledge and experience into the world of drones.

Forward Thinking

When technology changes, Teraling moves at the speed of light. Light and fast to earn your trust.

Problem Solvers

Bringing multidisciplinary drone products to market that meet a pilots needs.

Customer Support

We are pilots too and are here to facilitate our customers success.

Our Story

We are Phantom pilots who recognized a need for cost effective solutions to the evolving needs of those in our extended family of drone users. After watching others struggle to address a specific need, we collaborated and formed Teralign Drone Devices to bring answers to prickly problems quickly and in a cost effective way.

  • Engineering Excellence 95% 95%
  • Problem Solving 60% 60%
  • Solution Development 75% 75%
  • Customer Happiness 90% 90%
Doug Leppard

Doug Leppard

CEO / Engineer

Doug is a California boy that moved to Orlando Florida. He has played and experimented with electronics since early grammar school. Went on and got his BS in Electronic Engineering with always experimenting and building things. Built his first computer from the chip level up when that was the only way to have a home computer. Avid RC’er from fixed wing to owning two Phantom 3s a Standard and Pro quads and many other drones. He has a mentored of award winning robotics team. He has a very patient wife who puts up his crazy ideas. He is often heard saying “We can do that!”

Flash Buddy

Flash Buddy

Developer / Engineering Consultant

Flash Buddy :: College graduate (UCSB) and twenty plus year internet veteran. Former ham radio operator (KC6BKX). Professional photographer and Photoshop maven. Flash is a WordPress aficionado and website developer who spends most days working feverishly, passionately and relentlessly from a Fort Collins, Colorado basement. Lunch is at noon, quitting time depends on whether or not I’m skipping out for a drop-in or stick & puck session; hockey eh?! Friendly to a fault, chatty and wannabe humorous, generally a helpful kinda guy.
Drone stable: Syma X5C-1 | Phantom 4 | Phantom 4 Pro | Sky King

Blake Carrescia

Blake Carrescia

Founding Member

Blake is a undergrad student studying at Governors State University pursuing his Bachelors degree in Information Technology. Grew up in the south suburbs of the Chicagoland area and has been a lifelong resident of Plainfield Illinois. Currently working two jobs while maintaining tremendous grades. Blake is a proud owner of DJI Phantom 3 Professional and has been holding off for the Phantom 5 release.
Web: http://www.carrescia.com