Frequently Asked Questions
How Does the Teralign Drone Payload Release Work?

The front lights on your DJI Drone can be controlled by the RC transmitter. Every time our unit sees the light being turned on or off it triggers the release mechanism. There is a light sensor that is placed next to one of the front lights which triggers the microprocessor to activate the servo thus releasing payload sequentially; one per RC trigger click. No second transmitter is required.

What Drones are Supported
  • Phantom 3
  • Phantom 3 Advanced
  • Phantom 3 Pro
  • Phantom 4
  • Phantom 4 Advanced
  • Phantom 4 Pro
What is the Maximum Payload Capacity

Our payload drop device is capable of weights up to three pounds and sequentially dropping up to six payload items.

How much weight can your drone lift?

How is this different than other Drop Mechanisms?

Teralign’s drop mechanism operates on 9 volts using a standard, easily obtainable battery. Other drop mechanisms operate on 3.7V – 5V. The result is our drop device can operate under larger drop loads for longer periods of time.

This drop device is located aft of the aircraft, thereby avoiding interference with the drones vision positioning system.

The base model drop two different items, others drop only 1.  By adding the side drop options you can drop up to six items! Additionally, we provide drop guides to avoid line tangle when carrying more than one payload.

Our light sensor snaps on and off easily. Sticky messy black tape other devices use will not spoil your drone’s good looks.

Drops up to six items! Additionally we provide drop guides to avoid line tangle when carrying more than one payload.

Will the Drop Device Affect Performance?

No. Performance is not affected, other than shortened flight times based upon weight of payloads.

How Difficult is Installation

Teralign has made the payload drop device drone attachment as simple as possible, from the drop device itself to the light sensor. Everything is easy on and easy off using simple ‘found in the home’ tools (your fingers and maybe scissors to trim the zip ties).

Installation Instructions

How Far can your Drone Fly and Still Drop a Payload?

As far as your drone can fly under control RC control. If you are in radio transmitter control, you can drop your payload!

Notice: New Add On coming that will allow drone pilots to drop drone payloads based upon GPS location. Your drone could be many miles away and drop it exactly where you want it.

Can Programmed Missions (Litchi, AutoPilot...) Auto Drop Payloads by GPS Location?

No, but it is coming!  No one we know of offers that option, but our crack engineers are working on that solution as an add on feature.  We have run pre programmed missions using Litchi and successfully executed GPS coordinated paylod drops via our proto-type and is nearing production.

If you want to be informed of this feature’s release and or want to be a beta tester contact us »

Hey, I am a Programmer, Can I Add my Own Features?

Code Geek GraphicYES. The processor is a Nano Arduino and we will be releasing the code. Each unit comes with its own USB cable to program your unit. The shield the Nano is mounted on has lots of leftover connections to add your own customizations. All the Nano ports are available 🙂

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